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I will not abandon you*_*

Moon, for what do you wait?
   To salute the sun for whom I must make way.  

Wow! Très belles photos.

Oh Lance!

This was amazingly beautiful! When my step dad left my mom she took her anger out of my sisters and I. She would literally joke and say she was not the mama. That truly made us feel abandoned, but I've always had God and my sisters.

This was an excellent post!

*Forget about stupidity, discover your ability.

There is nothing so wasteful as doing with great efficiency that which doesn't have to be done at all. Do you think so?

I can accept failure, but I can't accept give up.

That truly made us feel abandoned, but I've always had God and my sisters.

You do have to have faith that you will receive what you ask. It is a faith that a natural law is at work. You must believe in the process. You are the director of the process. It is not different than planting a seed in the ground. You have faith that if you provide sunshine, water and the right nutrients that a plant or flower will grow. You don’t have to be religious to believe that it will happen. It is just a biological law of nature. Seeds will grow into a plant when the right components are present. A religious person may wonder how God created such a beautiful flower and see it as proof that God exists. However, the lack of this belief will not prevent that flower from growing.

Super cute! My little man would look so stylin' in those!

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